From a financial perspective, looking to adopt a CRM can be a bit daunting. The extra expense coupled with statistics claiming that up to 80% of CRM projects fail to meet their objectives means any decision concerning this should be made with great care. In an attempt to combat this uncertain malaise, most of the market-leading CRMs now offer a 30 day trial to allow you to get to grips with the software without any expense.

Your CRM Experience

Having access to a variety of powerful CRMs, such as Microsoft Dynamics, for free can help you concentrate on the decision without worrying about the bank balance. It also allows you to try multiple different systems to find the one that best suits your organisation. Although at Redspire, we recommend that you only choose 2 or 3 to trial as adding any more can complicate an already difficult issue and take up too much time.

In spite of the relatively short time frame of these trails, there are benefits that can be measured from each. Increased security levels are one of the first noticeable advantages of using a CRM. Using Microsoft Dynamics, for example, allows data to be stored in a single place; noticeably safer than using a spreadsheet and not to mention far more secure than relying on paper and pen or memory.

Automate your processes

Secondly, having the data in a single place boosts productivity and efficiency, with staff no longer tasked with collecting data from different sources to maximise marketing strategies or sales pitches. These powerful systems include automated workflow functionality that allows time to be saved, ensuring that enquiries and complaints are sent to relevant bodies without any manual resource on the part of Sales or Marketing.

Once again, with all your company data unified, it gives your colleagues the information at hand to respond to these communications speedily. Further efficiencies are possible if you decide to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM; its familiar interface and integration with the Microsoft Office Suite means that it takes general CRM efficiency to the next level. Even within a 30 day trial, you will notice the difference in productivity levels, which could, in turn, lead to boosted revenue.

Can 30 days make a difference?

Deciding what tasks need to be streamlined and which need to have more time spent on in order to boost revenue and minimise losses is an important part of your role. Adding a CRM to the mix, even if it is for only 30 days, will help refine how you track your ROI and will undoubtedly become an invaluable tool. Track the progress of your business’ marketing strategies, see which are having the best impact coupled with the least amount of investment and relay this back to your marketing team. Even in the trial period, a CRM will boost your sales strategy, by helping the sales team to refine their approach and create the right first impression using the lead’s personal details that Sales have in front of them.

Despite the apparent brevity of a 30 day trial, there are definite economic benefits to be found from successfully trialling a CRM. Not only will a CRM help you to identify your most profitable tasks, but a CRM such as Microsoft Dynamics will automate more menial functions, allowing you to spend more time on those tasks.

Interested? Choose to trial Microsoft Dynamics with Redspire and we will offer you a half day of consultancy and training to ensure that you make the most of the 30 day period.

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