According to the Mobile Finance Audit from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB UK), many of the country’s top 50 firms in this sector are keen to embrace mobile optimisation as they attempt to update their marketing processes.

CRM can be helpful when it comes to offering a well-developed service over a number of different platforms, especially given Microsoft’s plans to further update its Dynamics system with one eye on the lucrative mobile market.

At the moment, 24 per cent of the top financial services providers in the UK currently have little or no mobile presence, while the likes of Natwest, Bupa and Hiscox all performed well on this metric.

These three brands had a mobile optimised site, and a mobile and tablet app for both the Apple and Google Play app stores, explained the IAB.

Some 22 per cent of the firms surveyed had a responsive web design site – this means they are performing better than their counterparts in the retail and travel sectors, which scored two per cent and four per cent on this metric respectively.

This is promising, but concerns remain that businesses are not yet fully optimising the journey of customers, with only 58 per cent putting data capture measures in place within their mobile sites – another area where CRM can improve performance.

Jon Mew, mobile and operations director with the IAB, said: “These audits have been a fantastic benchmarking tool to help us gain an understanding on where brands across retail, travel and finance really are with their uptake on mobile. It’s evident that whilst some brands have really grasped the fundamentals of mobile marketing some are still lagging behind.”

His comments were underlined by Will Abbott, Hiscox marketing director, who said offering customers a strong experience across all devices is at the core of his organisation’s marketing strategy.

With 70 per cent of banks offering a mobile app, it seems this trend is set to develop well into 2014.