CRM just got a lot more interesting with the launch of Dynamics 365.

Although massively worthwhile, the research can feel chunky but it’s Christmas and the December brains need a break. So here’s our gift to you, an advent calendar of everything worth knowing.
You’ll notice CRM is nowhere in the title anymore. With good reason. The term CRM doesn’t cover half of what Dynamics 365 can do. It’s a game changer. Not only that, it’s a game changer that is usable, affordable and scalable for all sizes of business, wherever they are in their development.

So, if it’s not CRM, what is it? Microsoft are defining it as end-to-end intelligent business applications in the cloud. That just about sums it up. It’s CRM and ERP working as a team to bring customer service, sales, marketing, field service, finance and operations together. It creates one big management, implementation and feedback loop around the database, keeping your customers firmly at the centre of your business strategy. The productivity tools and built in intelligence of every app genuinely give a straightforward and well thought through experience. For businesses that need the extra customisation capability that Dynamics is known for, there is extensibility that gives us, as a Gold Microsoft Partner, real confidence in the platform’s suitability for the future, not just today.

We’ll drill down into the most notable details through until Christmas Eve. Feel free to join in with questions or comments!