Multinational company Dow Chemical has revealed it intends to continue using Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology for the foreseeable future thanks to the benefits it offer to employees.

Speaking to Computing magazine at Microsoft Dynamics’ Convergence conference in the US this month, commercial excellence technology manager at Dow Andy Clark praised the provider for striving to continue to improve its product.

“We’re happy and I don’t see us re-evaluating anything,” he commented.

Mr Clark added that Dow had an old in-built CRM system back in 2009 and also used another provider’s solution, resulting in a piecemeal approach that encountered a number of stops and starts.

In 2011, the company realised it needed a more tailored CRM system, so enlisted help from an unnamed third-party hosting provider to install Microsoft’s product.

Dow has never looked back – although Mr Clark admitted that it is still using the 2011 version and so will need to upgrade at some point in the near future in order to keep up with demand.

However, he acknowledged that change management is essential when it comes to CRM platforms, so this is something that any firm should anticipate when using them.

Around 2,400 Dow Chemical employees currently use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help them carry out their roles.

Dow manufactures plastics, chemicals and agricultural products and has a presence in about 160 countries. A member of the American Chemistry Council, its sales are mostly to other industries rather than end-users.

However, it does sell to end-users in the human and animal health and consumer products markets.

Last month, Natwest Business Banking revealed it had opted for a Microsoft Dynamics CRM system because of the flexibility and integration it offers.

Like Dow, the bank had also found that its legacy system was becoming too slow and archaic to provide customers with the service they demanded, so it chose to implement a full CRM overhaul.