1 min readDoor 6 – Team Member Licensing | Dynamics 365


Team Member Licensing lets businesses license read access to apps that the user doesn’t require full access (write/edit) to.

It allows those users to have full visibility of a customer’s interaction with other departments, making it easier to spot opportunities, potential problems and to improve customer service. So, you may have some users on Plan 2, giving them read/write/edit access to all available apps but only require other users to be able to see what’s going on. Instead of paying for these users to have full access, you buy them light access to read only. It is a much more cost effective way of keeping transparency throughout the business and it’s tiered too, offering further cost benefits where you have multiple team members. Of course, you can restrict certain views if required. Where a business buys a user an individual app on plan 1, it will include a team member’s license for other apps that the business licenses for other users. Team Member access varies between plan 1 and 2.

Knowing what to get someone for Christmas is a headache. We gave our Sales team Sales App licenses. We’ll tell you about it tomorrow.