2 min readDoor 5 – Dynamics 365 Licensing Glossary


The first thing to remember is that all forms of Dynamics 365 licensing can be mixed and matched within an organisation.

You are buying based on the requirements of individual users. E.g. a Sales user may require only the Sales App but with read rights across other users’ apps whereas a Project Management user may require a number of apps. As a business, you are not buying either Plan 1 or Plan 2, Team Member or Application licensing. You are building the licensing picture with a combination of them all.

There are 5 apps currently available – Sales, Field Service, Project Service and Customer Service, Operations. We expect more information on Marketing, a sixth app, in the summer of 2017.  Think of apps as role-based functionality.

Light User – This is the term used to describe an employee who only has access to one core app but who has read rights to other apps used by other departments, allowing them to have full visibility of a customer’s experience and interactions with their organisation. It’s also known as Team Member Licensing.

Full User – This is the term used to describe an employee who has full access to an app, or a suite of apps.

Apps – This is how you buy each user’s licensing. So, a Sales User who only needs access to the Sales App would be best with a Sales App license fee. It gives them full access to the Sales App functionality but allows them to keep visibility of their targets’ other interactions throughout the business with read access to any other apps used by other departments/roles.

Plan 1 –  This is for any user that needs 2 or more apps from what was previously the CRM suite of applications (basically any app that is not operations). This is because there is only a small step up in price to Plan 1 license from an individual App license but it means you get full access to all the CRM based Apps.

Plan 2 – This includes the CRM and the ERP apps including Operations. Note: The Operations App can be bought on its own so if you have a User who only needs to access that, it’s possible to do so without licensing them for the whole of Plan 2.