The two core Dynamics products CRM and AX (the enterprise ERP tool) are the core components of the Dynamics365 Enterprise edition.

It’s available Online or On-Premise so if you want Dynamics 365 but need to stay On-Premise, this is your route.  It’s optimized for 250+ users with a minimum of 20 seats though we expect that minimum may rise over time. This edition is the one to go for if you want to access beyond what the Business edition offers. So, your Project Service, Field Service, Customer Service, Sales and Operations.

Cost and capability wise, it beats Salesforce hands down. What we’re seeing is a much wider range of functionality and better tools based on a truly awesome platform. Recognising Dynamics 365 position as a challenger brand to Salesforce, Microsoft have leveraged the hyper scale capabilities of its wider business, to achieve a better price point. So, whilst it is certainly more expensive than its predecessors, you are getting a whole lot of functionality for the fees. It’s worth noting that current Dynamics users are entitled to transitional pricing.  If the license fee for any of the Dynamics predecessors were off putting, the Business edition offers you a new way in. Yes, you will always find cheaper with the likes of Zoho or SugarCRM but invest wisely. Look at the functionality, consider your corporate objectives and growth plans before you gravitate towards the budget options.