The Business Edition of Dynamics 365 hasn’t been released and the details aren’t quite confirmed however here’s what we understand so far.

Like Dynamics AX in the enterprise edition, financials (online nav) will sit at the heart of it and has been stated to be Online only. Approaching summer 2017, we expect to get more information regarding the Sales and Marketing functions that will wrap around that but what we believe we will see is a pared back version of Dynamics CRM in there. Once its Online home is confirmed, we’ll get information about what happens to Dynamics NAV On-Premise moving forward.  If you are looking for a solution sooner rather than later and don’t want to wait until summer for the fuller picture, you can license the Enterprise edition on business licenses. As it stands, we understand the qualification to be a requirement for less than 25 seats.

Realistically, the customisations that you’ve made in the Enterprise edition may not transfer across to the Business edition, so take advice from a Microsoft Partner and review the likely level of customisation and possible repeat spend before you decide what to do. Regardless, Dynamics 365 Business Edition will allow organisations with less than 250 users to benefit from the scale and abilities of Dynamics 365 with the pricing likely to be cheaper than Salesforce.