Forget Secret Santa, your employees will be more appreciative of working in a business with forward thinking and logical processes that make their jobs easier and the company more profitable.

Your customers need better service, not another hamper. The time for inefficient systems, processes and decision making is gone. Companies cannot stay competitive beyond Brexit and the digital world by holding onto makeshift approaches.

So, should you jump now or wait it out? Here’s what we predict. The companies that are already using CRM or who are about to implement CRM will be the ones to watch. They are already preparing their organisation and their people for the next wave of innovation. As is always the case, what is a game changer now, will become the expected standard rapidly and if you are not on the train you could be left behind as industries across the world continue to transform in the next couple of years.

All CRM or ERP systems promise to improve your business prospects. And they do. However, there is always an adoption period as your staff becomes empowered by it. A business that acts now will be culturally ready to seize the transformative opportunities relevant to their sector of both the technology that is available today and whatever opportunities that it brings tomorrow.

On that note, we’ll wish you a Merry Christmas and look forward to answering more of your questions in the New Year.

Hope Santa is good to you all!