Christmas makes you want to be good to yourself but don’t mistake Dynamics 365 as an indulgence.

Microsoft are making it as accessible as possible with transitional license pricing for existing Dynamics CRM customers. To make the most of the discounts and promotions, you need to be talking to your Partner well in advance of your next renewal date to make sure you get the right licenses at the correct pricing.

Microsoft also have a promotion offering a 20% discount on Plans 1 and 2 (up until 30th June 2017) for businesses currently using a more traditional CRM platform such as Salesforce, SAP or Oracle.

Remember that the difference in cost between Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 isn’t comparable. Dynamics 365 meets the needs of the changing business world. It’s not just about the execution of CRM anymore, but the need to use every day-to-day task to hone productivity and keep the customer service advantage. Dynamics 365 remains seriously competitive compared to Salesforce, despite it having the functionality and scope to command a higher price, largely because it can leverage other parts of the Microsoft business to deliver.

Whether you are transitioning to Dynamics 365 from Dynamics CRM, or starting afresh, you need to map out the functionality you need by user. That also needs to be informed by your corporate objectives and any other systems you have in place. It’s always worth engaging with a Microsoft Dynamics Partner to help with this stage so that you can find the smartest way to introduce the platform to your organisation.

Have you kept up so far? Tomorrow is a round up blog so don’t worry if the Christmas haze has left you a bit blurry.