Power BI (Business Intelligence) doesn’t necessarily come with all the apps that Dynamics 365 offers but we’re excited about it and it would be remiss not to cover it.

So, this is all about a Cloud based business analytics service that takes your data and turns it into rich visuals. For example, a chart that shows your projected sales of individual products over 3 months. You may know that you have an inventory issue with one of those products that then impacts on the sale of others in your line-up. By altering the prediction on one area of the chart, you’ll immediately see the impact across the other product projections. The Dynamics 365 dashboards are very good and may be enough for some but PowerBI can root out challenges and opportunities at a more granular level for scenario planning. The price tag is fairly low so it’s worth taking.

Each of the following options work across your business processes and apps.

  • Microsoft Power BI Desktop – Uses a free form drag and drop canvas
  • Microsoft Power BI Mobile – Live interactive mobile access to key info from anywhere
  • Microsoft Power BI Gateway – Connects to on-premises data sources meeting individual and organisational needs.

Are you feeling daunted about making what feels like an essential move to Dynamics 365? Tomorrow we’ll talk about migration. If you can’t wait till then, contact us and we’ll have a chat.