Customer Surveys are part of every Dynamics 365 license making it easier than ever to keep a track of what your customers think about you.

Because of the integration, customers can automatically be sent a survey at the end of a project, a transaction or for product development research.  The surveys can be customized to your business including design, imagery and translations. They are integrated within the platform giving you the ability to trigger immediate follow up actions. For example, if a customer indicates an interest in one of your products, the system can generate a quote request and assign it to a salesperson. If a customer replies with a complaint, the system can create new service case and route it to the best queue for prompt handling. Results can be surfaced in the analytics so that you can identify patterns, gaps in service and sales opportunities.

The inclusion of surveys in the platform makes it a lot easier to implement processes like Net Promoter Score and negates any requirement for external options such as Survey Monkey.

Tomorrow, we’ll be talking PowerApps.