The marketing industry has undergone major changes over the last decade, with new technologies fundamentally changing how consumers (and businesses) engage with brands and service providers.

This has been highlighted by a new report from eMarketer revealing that the time Britons spend with digital media – laptops, tablets and mobile phones – is finally set to outpace the time they spend viewing TV.

A host of experts told Marketing Week this could mark a radical shift in the way companies publicise their goods and services, meaning that integration and synergy are becoming increasingly crucial.

According to the eMarketer study, the average British adult will spend more than three hours and 41 minutes per day online via laptops or phones this year, compared to three hours and 15 minutes watching the television.

Interestingly, laptop and computer use is ‘plateauing’ while much of the rise is coming from mobile and tablet use, suggesting that multi-screening (watching TV and tweeting at the same time, for instance) could be one factor in this shift.

Mark D’Arcy, chief creative officer at Facebook Creative Shop, told the news provider that this new data quantifies a trend that the marketing sector is already anecdotally aware of.

“The shift now for marketers should not just be ‘people are spending more time here so I should shift more money this way’ … but to recentre around how people live their lives … to not reinvent is not just a missed opportunity, it could be a serious missed opportunity,” he added.

Mr D’Arcy said many marketers are now keen to make mobile “their centre of gravity” in order to take advantage of the number of consumers accessing content through these kind of platforms.

While there are a host of factors in how well businesses can prepare for this brave new world, CRM software is one way of ensuring that data can be integrated across a number of different media.

It can also ensure mobile customers are offered a personalised approach.