2 min readDigital advertising maintains growth levels


British businesses are continuing to spend big on digital advertising as they attempt to move ahead of their counterparts and take advantage of the market penetration offered by growing tablet ownership, a new report from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) has suggested.

Over one in four British consumers now owns a tablet, meaning focus is now being placed on optimising mobile and ensuring continuity across all platforms, the study found.

It was carried out in collaboration with PwC and found that advertisers spent a record £6.3 billion on digital over the course of 2013.

Two-thirds of people now access the internet via a laptop or PC while also using a smartphone or tablet, highlighting the proliferation of new devices across the consumer market.

For marketers and businesses, this makes it even more important to offer a unified experience to customers however they choose to browse their site.

Tim Elkington, director of research and strategy with the IAB, said: “Digital advertising continues to grow at impressive rates simply because marketers are becoming more responsive and savvy to the increasing ways people consume content across different devices.”

However, he urged marketers to learn more about the way people utilise their tablets to ensure they are taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the uptake in use of these devices.

“The tablet has moved from the offices of early adopters to the nation’s living rooms and advertisers should be following suit,” he added.

Almost six in ten (57 per cent) of tablet owners online say it is their ‘go-to’ device to surf the internet at home, while two-thirds feel it is easier to get online via a tablet.

Some 65 per cent use their tablets while watching television, highlighting the further potential for convergence they present.

Marketers will be able to pick up a great deal of data about customer behaviour and choices through their use of mobile devices, but they need to be able to manage and analyse this information if it is to provide useful insights going forward.