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We all know the benefits of using CRM – but does a user’s age have a role to play in its successful deployment?

Indeed, while some may cling to the stereotype that the young are more technically astute and keener to embrace tech than their seniors, the survey suggests that, when it comes to using CRM, it’s actually pretty close, or in some cases, the other way round:

It appears it does – according to the results of Redspire’s CRM survey, the older you are, the better you believe you are at using CRM, exploiting its benefits on multiple fronts including relevancy and functionality.




“Roughly what percentage of the CRM system functionality do you think you know/understand?”

On average those aged 55+ said they know/understand


On average those aged 18-24 said they understood


“On a scale of 1-10 (1 being low, 10 being high), how would you rate the relevance of information presented to you in your CRM system?”

Those aged 55+ gave a relevancy rating of

compared to a:

relevancy rating by those aged 25-34.

or a

relevancy rating by those aged 18-24.

But the 55+ age group is also the most demanding of their company’s use of the platform, believing that there is room for improvement when using CRM. When asked:


“Do you feel you would get more value from your CRM if more departments in your business used it?”

of those aged 55+ believed that they would.

While only…

of those aged 18-24 felt the same.

Finally, the 55+ group is the age group that most understands what using CRM is actually for. When asked:


“Why was the CRM system implemented in your business?”

The 55+ age group attached more importance to providing…

‘a better experience for the customer’

… than any other age group (or any other reason given) with…

… of the vote.


And The Biggest CRM ‘Grumblers’?

… who say they spend an average of…

… hours a week gathering data for reports that they believe their CRM could produce for them.

And the second biggest grumblers?

… who weigh in with 7.35 hours.


And the age groups who grumble the least?

That’ll be the…

45-54 (4.48hrs)

55+ (6.04hrs)

… age groups thus proving once and for all that if you’re middle-aged or older, you’re not turning into a ‘grumpy old person’. Fact.




– Ensure your CRM system has been optimised whatever the age group using it.

– Avoid ‘grumbles’ mounting about your CRM by asking for feedback from staff.

– Improve CRM effectiveness by offering training across your company.

– Ask yourself if more departments could be reaping the benefits of your CRM system.


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