Much of the research on how to engage with customers has focused on the big picture, but a new report has indicated that what people really want is the ability to have their queries answered on any marketing channel.

Twitter and Facebook are already used to deal with consumer complaint at their first stage by many firms, an approach that has proven effective and popular, especially among millennials.

A new study from IntelliResponse has highlighted just how much importance consumers place on engaging with brands across social and traditional channels.

Some 59 per cent of respondents stressed the need for efficient service, while 24 per cent were interested in a personalised approach. Only 11 per cent want to ‘buy and say goodbye’ – this suggests that customers are aware of the role data can play in giving them a better service.

The survey also pointed to the new challenges marketers face in the digital age. Three out of five people turn to a business’s website first when they need help with a query, a proportion that is likely to increase with the advent of the mobile web and the growing web awareness among young people.

A demographic gap was noted, with 60 per cent of respondents aged between 18-34 preferring to use a mobile app to resolve an issue rather than speaking to an operator.

Dwayne Weppler, head of marketing communications at IntelliResponse, said retail, telecoms and utilities are all industries that are performing well when it comes to this kind of engagement.

“Pretty much every consumer now expects to receive efficient online self-service, and businesses should examine ways to give them just that. Your reward will be lower costs, an improvement in the online customer experience, and a nice boost in customer loyalty,” he added.

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