Customer relationship management (CRM) software can really help your marketing efforts by providing a number of intuitive, easy-to-use tools that will not only allow you to create and manage effective marketing strategies, but enable you to analyse the results, quickly, as well as get a real insight into what your customers really want.

Knowing your customer

All this leads to an increased understanding of your customers (so improving your relationship with them); who your target market is; and, overall increased sales and productivity.

CRM marketing software can support you throughout a whole campaign, from idea and goal setting to campaign e-mail outs; from the use of embedded mail merge to the automatic capture of landing page data; from analysing sales data to automating trigger responses based on individual customer criteria; and, from creating reports to campaign follow-ups.

Watch this video to see how Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps your customer support:

Data can be exported, imported and shared among colleagues, with each customer having all their details accessible from one place. This means that you can effectively profile your customers – this also improves their experience, because they only hear from you when it is something of real interest and/or value to them, rather than being part of a mass, general, mail out.

The effectiveness of your campaigns will be greatly enhanced with tools that enable you to create campaigns based on what your customers really want – by using rules that can identify their interests.

This builds a good relationship between you and your customers, thereby increasing their brand loyalty.

On the move

Customer relationship management software is a way to have an extra member of staff who can give you any data and run a campaign – as soon as you need it – even if you are the move.

While traditionally, CRM’s have been online or in the back office, technological advances mean you can still access everything you need, whether it’s extracting data or setting up and running a campaign, while on the move. All you need is a web-enabled device such as a smartphone or tablet.

CRM’s give you everything you need to create, manage and analyse an effective marketing campaign, no matter where you are.