It’s taken a while, but the B2B world is beginning to embrace social media in a way that the B2C bods have been enjoying for quite some time. Social media platforms give us opportunities to instantly exchange information, build contacts and engage with groups, share ideas and open dialogues. It’s changing how we talk to customers, market products and services and network professionally.

Maybe that’s why it’s taken so long for B2B organisations to latch on; the term ‘social media’ doesn’t clearly highlight the potential in the professional sphere. But that’s not to say that the potential isn’t there; now, social media is no longer just about being sociable. Increasingly, these platforms are being utilised in the corporate environment to facilitate the exchange of information amongst colleagues.

Customer data + social media = success

Can you see where I’m going with this one? Over here, you’ve got the fantastic information resource created by a CRM system like Microsoft Dynamics. Over there, you’ve got brilliant ways to share information through social media. Just imagine if you could bring the two together…

No surprises, then, to see Microsoft engaging with Yammer, the internal company communication platform. You might go as far as to say it’s a no-brainer. The new model allows teams with access to the CRM system to plan customer strategies and engage other colleagues in achieving those goals. The potential to speed responses, enhance service levels, inspire virtual teamwork and solve issues quickly is exceptional.

The real beauty of the Dynamics/Yammer connection is the simplicity. Like every great social media platform, it is intuitive, uncomplicated and open. It frees businesses to work differently and think differently, without requiring extensive training for users. So customers will see the benefits almost instantly.

It’s all up to you

Companies that already use Microsoft Dynamics will appreciate the benefits of the Yammer connection quickly. Is there a downside? Not really. The only challenge I can see is the challenge we’re all familiar with from social media. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what additional functionality the system has – it will always be defined by how individuals use it.

Some people will use it just to view news and stay updated. Others will make it an integral part of their working day, maximising the potential of a tool that can support great CRM in lots of different ways. Either way, thanks for Microsoft Dynamics and Yammer, social media has a firmer foothold in the professional sphere.