Have you noticed how technology has an annoying habit? It goes from being the best thing since …. well, since the last piece of new technology you adopted… to being the thing in the office that slows you down the most.

The problem is that people get so used to finding workarounds for their systems that it becomes second nature. But in reality, it is draining your time, using up your resources and blunting your competitive edge – especially for your Sales team.

Most business leaders will agree that their Sales teams are the ones who can least afford to be held back by out-of-date technology. But they’re regularly frustrated, misled and misinformed by CRM systems that are simply not up to the job anymore. After all, customer behaviour has changed – shouldn’t your CRM change too?

Slow CRM = Slow Pipeline

The CRM system that you invested in a couple of years ago may already be behind the times. While your Sales teams find time-consuming ways to get the most out of a failing system, the competition is already closing the deal.

Imagine the difference a leading-edge, constantly evolving (and, therefore, future-proof) CRM system can make. A CRM system that suits a digital customer, enabling your Sales teams to make decisions as quickly as your customers do – within the space of a ‘click’. While your customers explore buying options on mobile devices or desktops, your Sales teams can be just as responsive, just as informed.

An advanced CRM system, designed around a new type of interaction between buyer and seller, enables you to keep a wealth of information about your customers at your fingertips. It stores accurate client insights and market knowledge, acting as a single resource for every touchpoint in the customer cycle. Vital analytics also ensure that your Marketing is generating the right leads and that your Sales teams can capitalise.

A better way to work

Does such a CRM system even exist? Of course it does – what do you think your competitors are using? Microsoft Dynamics keeps your teams connected internally and fosters close connections with your customers. It enables you to build in-depth profiles of your customers and clients through historical data, empowering your Sales teams to really personalise your customer experience. It even helps you to harness the power of social media, allowing you to open dialogue and start meaningful, relevant colleagues and customer conversations. Talk about bringing people together.

By syncing to your internal processes, Microsoft Dynamics supports a single, seamless customer journey that collates insight from initial contact through to onboarding. Ultimately, it works with you, not against you – and sadly, these days, not every CRM system can make the same claim.