CRM is clearly a hive of data to be leveraged to your advantage – but many forget to simply use that data; whilst this information is readily available to you, what are you actually doing with it?

Businesses have begun to realise the importance of acquiring quality data and the need to collect information about their customers. Though fewer are willing to use that information and turn it into something that’s commercially useful – and competitively advantageous. Those that do, however, can enjoy the benefits that come with this, gaining that all-important insight needed for better and quicker business decisions.

From acquiring a clearer understanding of who your customer is and, more importantly, what they want, to identifying what Marketing campaigns work and why, a forward-thinking CRM system with advanced analytical functionality is all that’s required for a business to improve and progress.

Making use of both the physical data input from users as well as the analytical software within the CRM system itself, this data is particularly useful for Sales teams. Primarily, it helps them to focus on the key customers that make profit with the smallest amount of work, which, in turn, allows the department to focus on the ‘quick wins’ as well as predicting future sales and revenue. Other analytical capabilities of CRM can include:

  • Engagement levels
  • Personalisation
  • Revenue analysis
  • Predictive scoring – i.e. which campaigns are likely to have the biggest impact and how are customers likely to respond?

Aim to select a CRM system that provides the level of analytical functionality required to give you the information that you need – and in a format that you can use. The accelerated Business Intelligence solutions for Dynamics CRM will save you the time and hassle of building the data warehouse structure from scratch – and give you insights to support your decision-making process in an instant.