If you asked a management guru for a random valuable advice, he’d certainly say: Businesses which strictly focus on developing their core competence are the ones who take it far.

Sounds good, let’s do it!

However, as you probably know, it’s too easy to get caught up in improving your business processes and ‘hijack’ time from building the heart of your business. Many businesses have failed because they took their eyes off their core competency and spent too many resources on improving their operations.

So how do you make sure you’re efficient AND milking your core advantage at the same time?

Beating the odds

Let’s look at the example of Servcorp, a business that decided not to lose their focus. Servcorp is the world’s leading provider of Serviced and Virtual offices. They offer offices all over the globe at affordable prices – so their clients don’t have to worry about managing their external offices. Instead, they fill in an online form and are set up with an office, a local phone number and a receptionist within 5 minutes.


One of the reasons behind Servcorp’s success are their efficient business processes and information systems. In the past, they relied on their in-house IT team to build a CRM system from ground up. This system was perfectly optimised for their operations which gave them a great competitive advantage.

However, as the business grew, there came a point in time when they realised that this system had its limits – and it would be impractical to keep investing in its growth & maintenance.

As Matthew Baumgartner, CIO of Servcorp explained in their press release, Servcorp decided to look for a cloud CRM solution that would be scalable enough to tailor to their specific needs. They considered a few other vendors from the Gartner Magic Quadrant and decided that Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online would be the best solution for them, the main reason being its high adaptability and familiar interface.

Matthew Baumgartner

Matthew Baumgartner, CIO of Servcorp

The results

As a result of the implementation, Servcorp benefited from positive results:

  • They saved money and man hours on maintaining the system, which they could relocate back to creating value for customers.
  • They were able to serve their customers faster and better than ever before.
  • They strengthened their competitive advantage by improving their network and connecting all their locations together. With the help of other Microsoft Dynamics applications, they were able to get ahead of their competition who are still operating in silos.

Here is a video of Matthew Baumgartner summarising their impression of Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

The company rolled out the CRM application to 600 employees worldwide. The management made sure the system met the employees requirements by paying close attention to user training and the user’s feedback. Mr Baumgartner said “As a result, the CRM system has become a single point of entry for all sales and customer related data”.

How can you be as successful as Servcorp?

What’s your core competence? Speed of delivery? Passion for chemistry? Whatever it may be, your CRM should reflect this unique ability that has made your business successful so far – and has the potential to make it even more successful in the future. Give us a shout today and we can figure out how to help you achieve your goals.