2 min readHow CRM can improve your Sales best practice


Many businesses involved in the capture of key data needed to fulfil orders or send invoices are highly dependent on their sales team for these activities. So it makes sense to get them on board early on with any new CRM solution that will make them manage their time more effectively.

The adoption of CRM by sales staff is often a task that managers find difficult to accomplish. Management spends thousands of pounds on a CRM solution only to find that the sales team is not fully utilising it for sales best practice. There are ways to get round this of course and help them with the initial and ongoing adoption of CRM.

Here are several ways that CRM can help improve your sales best practice:

Productivity Tool

Your CRM should be much more than a reporting tool. It should be a tool that helps your sales team sell more goods and services to other businesses so they can bring in more business and earn larger commissions.

Your CRM will include many features like automation, inventory management, reports and productivity tools that will make your staff more effective and productive.

Correct data

It should go without saying that your data should be correct because CRM only works if it’s correct. Your CRM will help you in ensuring that your data is consistent, clean and maintained by including drop down fields where necessary to ensure data integrity. Sales staff using the CRM should take personal ownership to ensure the integrity of the data.

Staff Training

CRM training for sales staff is essential to help them fully benefit from the system and ensure it is regularly used. Training provided should reinforce the sales process and it should be customised to meet the needs of your organisation.

This should lead to higher bookings and commissions from using the CRM system and the best practices will help the sales team realise the CRM as a tool that can increase client loyalty.