We’re happy to see so many people eagerly expecting Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015.

As you already know, the main attraction of CRM 2015 is that it’s going to bridge the gap between Sales and Marketing. So what about CRM 2015 pricing?

In this blog, we talk about CRM 2015 Online licences (for on-premise licences, please refer to Microsoft’s website).

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Online Pricing

There are a few different types of licences you’ll be able to get for CRM 2015 Online: Enterprise, Professional, Basic and Essential.

What pricing and features can we expect from these licences? Here’s a summary:


Price: £9.40/user/month
Suitable for: Users who only need access to custom relationship management (xRM) capabilities created specifically for their use
Main features: custom entities, notes & activities, executing workflows


Price: £18.70/user/month
Suitable for: Employees who need CRM for areas other than marketing, sales and customer service. These users may need access to accounts, contacts, leads, cases, reporting, and custom relationship management (xRM) capabilities
Main features: Same as above plus basic marketing, sales and service features


Price: £40.50/user/month
Suitable for: Everyone who needs full access to sales, marketing and service features
Main features: Same as above plus bulk data import, workflow editing and unified service desk


Price: £124.60/user/month
Suitable for: All employees who need full marketing, sales and service features plus Microsoft Marketing and Parature (a help desk software for multi-channel service delivery)
Main features: Same as above plus Microsoft Marketing and Parature

The full Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Online licence pricing list including Microsoft Social Listening, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, additional storage, additional production instance, enhanced support and professional direct support can be found here.

Microsoft now offers a great deal on their Sales Productivity Package. It’s a bundle of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 & Office 365 Business Intelligence bundle and includes:
• Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015
• Office 365
• Yammer enterprise social network
• Power BI (Graphic visualisation of data)
• Microsoft Social Listening

Find out more about the CRM and Power BI bundle in this Microsoft Dynamics video:

Companies that already subscribe to Office 365 will get the Sales Productivity Package for £28.09/user/month.

Good to know

Companies that wish to adopt CRM will have to purchase a minimum of 5 Professional CRM licences. After that, CRM 2015 is flexible on the rest of the licences. CRM 2015 users will even be able to choose dual use rights, a type of licence that lets the user access both the online and on-premise version – perfect for hybrid CRM solutions.

Current CRM 2013 users will be able to transfer/change their licences by contacting Microsoft or one of Microsoft’s CRM accredited partners: why not try us?