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Although an outsider might think of marketing as a 'creative' profession, the reality is that workloads and time management mean bread-and-butter tasks often take precedence over Mad Men-style spitballing.

A recent report from brand experience agency Jack Morton Worldwide, seen exclusively by Marketing Week, highlighted some of the problems facing professionals who wish to think creatively.

Worryingly, 41 per cent of respondents were unsure whether or not they have sufficient time allocated for creative thinking, with only 30 per cent feeling they did.

Barriers preventing marketers from producing creative work included a lack of training, corporate culture, the inability to prove a significant return on investment and the environment within their workplace.

By far the biggest hurdle, though, was lack of time – a third of respondents cited this as the biggest issue preventing them from engaging in creative thought.

Tim Leighton, joint head of creative at Jack Morton Worldwide, suggested that firms need to change their approach fundamentally if they are to engage effectively with consumers.

In the modern marketing landscape, customers – both in B2B and B2C businesses – expect a different approach than was seen even a decade ago, which requires innovative thinking from the firms providing them with a service.

"The workforce understands the challenges of today’s world and the fact that they need to be creative in order to address those challenges. The onus now is on corporate culture to catch up with this perception," posited Mr Leighton.

How can firms free up their staff to produce engaging, customer-focused content while still keeping pace with the various mapping and tracking tasks that are now a crucial part of the marketing function?

In the past, well-integrated CRM systems have shown that they have the potential to free staff up from administrative tasks, leaving them with more time to work in a creative, innovative fashion.

CRM also makes it easier to target specific consumers, which can increase the impact of creative campaigns.

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