Integration is king.

With integration, businesses simply collaborate better, manage their time better, and empower staff to be more productive, as well as identify business opportunities and weaknesses more easily. Sitting at the heart of this intelligent business cloud, it’s the Common Data Model that makes it possible.

Because of the CDM, your core data is now centralised and updated by your core Dynamics applications. This means you now have a truly central repository to be consumed by other applications, customised or added to very simply. New applications can be built quickly and data can be shared more easily, tying business processes and productivity together. The CDM sits behind the standard Dynamics 365 business apps as well as apps created with PowerApps or integrated solutions that are developed externally. It allows apps all access the same information meaning you always a have a consistent and updated view.

Over the next few days, we’ll break down how the licensing for Dynamics 365 works.