Large companies need to concentrate on mobility if they are to succeed over the coming years, according to a new report from Accenture. The company revealed its latest study at the Mobile World Congress currently taking place in Barcelona.

Some 43 per cent of firms ranked mobility as their top or second-highest priority for the coming years, while 77 per cent placed it in the top five. Big data analytics was next on the list, with 72 per cent putting the new trend in this category.

Connected products – tied into the growing development of the Internet of Things – was also one of the priorities for respondents to the Accenture survey.

Microsoft Dynamics consumer relationship management (CRM) offers a mobile service that can be accessed on mobiles and smartphones, with a growing number of companies demanding the ability to access their important data while on the move.

As flexibility and mobile capabilities become more important, the democratising impact of CRM could become central for many businesses – its ability to make information available to all corners of an organisation ties neatly into this trend.

The increased demand for convergence is also linked to CRM – over one third of the global enterprises surveyed by Accenture anticipate further connections between social, mobile, analytics, cloud and connected products.

While the complex data that this process will involve could seem daunting, CRM will allow firms to manage it more clearly and ensure they keep on top of the information they are tracking through their converged systems.

Jin Lee, global managing director of Accenture Mobility, said the way businesses approach mobility will affect how much advantage they gain from it.

“Any successful technology implementation requires certain ingredients, but this research demonstrates that in the case of newer, digital technologies it’s not just about actions, but about attitude too,” he declared.

Companies that do it right are likely to see a major return on their mobile investment, concluded Mr Lee.