Brands should take care not to assume that consumers will automatically engage with content placed on the internet.

It is important to ensure content is attractive enough to encourage people to view it and then share it with others.

This includes developing a clear understanding of different customer groups and of assessing results in a way that moves beyond simple click-through rates and behavioural metrics to assess attitudinal data as well.

Improving digital engagement can take a number of forms and businesses can work with technology such as customer relationship management (CRM) software to boost their understanding of different groups of consumers.

As Millward Brown client director Leonie Gates-Sumner wrote recently in Marketing Magazine, "too many brands still believe that content put online will automatically go viral". However, she explains this rarely happens organically, with monitoring and measuring owned, earned and paid content essential to understand how successes is made.

CRM software can assist with better measurement and understanding of how to enhance digital engagement by automating some elements of the marketing process and delivering comprehensive and accurate data.

According to Ms Gates-Sumner, the phrase "what gets measured gets done" applies particularly to digital marketing, with vast scope for measuring data and improving the effectiveness of customer engagement strategies.

However, the media and communications specialist added brand strategy can be distorted by myths regarding digital measurement and it is important to get the process of evaluating results right so that potential successes are not undermined.

The article highlights the differences between TV and online marketing and the expectations consumers have of online content, as well as the importance of having clearly articulated goals when it comes to a web presence in order to maximise brand impact. As years come and go, customers demand more and more consistency across all your digital channels. Having a clear strategy should be your first step to achieving this goal.

Establishing objectives and measuring outcomes in order to evaluate success "is vital to deliver significant return on your digital investments", the expert claims, pointing out it is essential to assess the creative strength of online content and adapt it for the medium.

Digital engagement is becoming more important than ever, with social CRM now an accepted norm with consumers and companies looking for new ways to understand their social media audience and encourage them to interact more fully with brands on the internet.

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