This talk was given by Marisa Kopec, Vice President and group Director of Serious Decisions at the Microsoft Convergence 2014.

According to statistics, companies distributing content onto their website claim that 60-70% of their content goes unused. Why is this?

Marisa argued that traditional workflows and content processes are breaking down. Why? There is a lack of “Audience” based content pieces and an override of “Product” content. The content you are distributing must be personalised in order to attract your audience and the buyers of your product. However marketing campaigns should already target this problem, by designing your content into your different categories of your buying processes.

Who is your audience? Who are you targeting? You must architect your content to suit your audience. Originating your content influences your audience to share your content not only online, but physically throughout their network. To ensure you reach out to the correct people, you must ensure your topic list and business issues are relevant to your audience.

Within businesses, there is a conflict between employees and teams on who they believe has the responsibility in producing and creating the content for the company. Is your workflow integrated? If it is then you shouldn’t have the following issues; do your employees have clear roles and responsibilities suitable to them? Or are your employees conflicting and competing with one another with their roles and responsibilities? Are you revolutionised as a company? When producing content within your company it shouldn’t only be a whitepaper or a document. You should be thinking ahead on how you’re going to distribute your content, throughout social media, emails and campaigns.

PDF’s are beginning to go out of fashion. As a marketer you should be thinking ahead and into the future before designing and creating your content. Not only will people be looking at your content on a computer, they will be looking at it through their mobile devices.

Mobile is booming ever more and soon we will need to produce all our content that can be seen on small screens, which will influence a different design process. Over time your team will adapt into originating the content for your company rather than typically sending out your usual run of the mill product fact sheet or whitepaper. The personalisation of your content is significantly important as it is more likely to transform conversations into more buying prospects.

Currently there is usually a missing link between sales and marketing. Marketing is creating content which is completely irrelevant to the way sales are trying to sell. Future plans for content should always be discussed between teams in order for the buying and selling process to be in line with one another. This will trigger a company or person to take action into the buying process, and once that is complete, we can take it to the next level to help them convince their one internal process to pick our business.