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Why Dynamics 365 Changes The CRM Conversation

When we started to introduce our existing customers to Dynamics 365, the big question was ‘what’s so new?’ And here’s what we outlined.   Firstly, let’s look at the market Dynamics 365 has launched into. 52% of organizations now have confidence that cloud apps are as secure as on premise-based apps. The decision making for […]

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What Does Digital Transformation Mean Now Anyway?

Digital transformation.  It’s a catch all term for how digital technologies are changing the lives we lead, and the businesses we operate today.  To be honest, it’s overused. You’ll see it in nearly every article you now read. What’s the problem with that? As a term becomes more and more used, it fails to stop […]


Door 24 – Our Dynamics 365 Prediction

Forget Secret Santa, your employees will be more appreciative of working in a business with forward thinking and logical processes that make their jobs easier and the company more profitable. Your customers need better service, not another hamper. The time for inefficient systems, processes and decision making is gone. Companies cannot stay competitive beyond Brexit […]


Door 22 – Dynamics 365 Migration

Christmas makes you want to be good to yourself but don’t mistake Dynamics 365 as an indulgence. Microsoft are making it as accessible as possible with transitional license pricing for existing Dynamics CRM customers. To make the most of the discounts and promotions, you need to be talking to your Partner well in advance of […]