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Manufacturing 2020 Roundtable: The Topics

Always ones to practice what we preach, we immerse ourselves in our customers’ sectors to inform the scoping stage and make our client meetings informed and productive. Our recent digital transformation webinar resulted in quite a few opportunities from manufacturers keen to get more information about the next wave of change so it’s just as […]

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The Truth About Your Customer Service

All successful businesses have one thing in common. They ‘get’ their customers. Not only do they make sure the product/service is meeting their needs, they make sure that their relationship with them is unshakeable by providing the best possible customer service. So, what does that look like? Well, here’s what it’s not. It’s not keeping […]


Can Dynamics 365 Make CRM Bearable for Sales Teams?

It’s somewhat ironic that most CRM systems were historically developed with sales and marketing in mind and yet, sales team members who love CRM are few and far between.   Here are some of the perceptions of CRM amongst sales professionals:   Big Brother is Watching CRM gives visibility of the sales pipeline and specific […]


Does your CRM Partner Make You Happy?

OK, this is a bit clichéd. We’ll say it anyway. We really do care about our clients’ businesses. Maybe it’s because we get so entrenched in them when we’re helping them assess the case for CRM. Maybe it’s because getting to know the people in the business is the biggest part of understanding the existing […]

Digital White Noise

Back in January, we looked at what digital transformation means these days and on the 16th of this month, we’ll be walking you through how Microsoft are tackling it with Dynamics 365. A recent Insurance Age article described how the industry’s structure is shifting but that it’s not yet certain who will gain and who […]