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Heal your business pain with Dynamics QuickStart CRM

When it comes to business pain, at Redspire we’ve seen it all. And help our clients UK-wide solve theirs, via our Dynamics QuickStart CRM package or phased CRM implementation. As one of the UK’s leading CRM consultancies, we are experts in resolving the digital and data pain points that all businesses face. Our client base […]

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Microsoft Inspire 2018: the emerging themes from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s keynote speech

In his keynote speech at the global Microsoft Inspire conference in Las Vegas, CEO Satya Nadella talked about how technology and connectivity continue to improve human relationships, whilst reinforcing that ethics and user privacy continue to be the most important consideration, as we accelerate though the 4th industrial revolution. This year’s Microsoft Inspire has been […]

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Public Sector: Digital Transformation through Microsoft Dynamics 365

Can public sector organisations afford not to take advantage of digital tools? It’s a slightly controversial statement but nevertheless true. Whilst commerce and industry advance at speed towards great digital change, the public sector in the UK is in danger of being left behind. Potentially, at great sacrifice to public health, well-being and economic wealth. […]