We understand that many businesses may be a little unwilling to adopt CRM. You may have previously tried to implement a system and been deflated by the experience. It may even be that you’ve heard uninspiring statistics or testimonials about CRM technology. However, the technology behind advanced, forward-thinking CRM systems is constantly updating; the CRM you used previously is most probably not the same CRM that can be tailored to your needs now. Similarly to legacy systems, what were once the height of sophistication are now a barrier to business growth. Is your business ready to move with the times?

Companies such as Microsoft are spending considerable sums in research and development to ensure that their products, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, are at the forefront of their sector.

Professional and supportive CRM vendors understand the importance of trying before you buy to ensure that a system fits your needs and objectives before you take the plunge. Our 30 day free trial (with no obligation to buy) is the ideal litmus test for assessing what your business could achieve. And don’t be under the impression that 30 days is too short a time frame to really notice any benefits; coupled with the correct vendor support, there are most definitely measurable benefits even within this short period. Redspire, for example, offers a 1/2 day of analysis and consultancy for free to make sure you do notice the following benefits:

  1. The real time visibility offered by CRM systems, such as Dynamics, can help increase sales even in a one month period.
  2. The customisation tools embedded within most forward thinking CRMs means that you can tailor the UI to help you spot crucial trends and comparisons.
  3. Identify and resolve customer issues quickly by having an arsenal of tools at your disposal to deal with anything much more efficiently.
  4. Increase efficiency without cutting corners by using a CRM that already integrates with your current internal software packages. If you are heavily reliant on Microsoft Office, it may be worth considering a Microsoft Dynamics trial.

These advantages continue to grow exponentially the longer you use your CRM and, with a well-refined and fully thought out CRM strategy, you will notice an increase in sales, as well as significant cost savings elsewhere.

With the multitude of CRM systems offering 30 day trials without commitment, there is almost no reason not to go ahead and see whether a modern CRM is a perfect fit for your modern business.[divider_space]

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