CRM for Travel

Holiday season is almost upon us and the travel and leisure industry is booming.

More people are seeking new experiences than ever before. And 76% of them are buying online. Not only is this great news for digital marketing, virtual experiences and efficiency, it’s a data goldmine that lets you meet your customers’ needs. From the first time they click through to your website, your customers are already imagining their holiday.


How deep is your data?

People expect personalisation.  They want to be treated as an individual and like to feel unique. They expect you to meet their needs without having to spell it out to you. For example, a returning customer will expect you to recognise them as quickly as possible. They need you to understand their preferences and choices based on previous interactions and purchases and will want recommendations and suggestions based on that.  To do that for every single one of your customers, you need to have a record of their buying behavior – data.

The ability to capture information about each and every customer and their every interaction with your business is what Microsoft Dynamics 365 refer to as a Single Customer View. The fact that Microsoft allows businesses to feed information from every department into one view on one system makes that insight far more valuable.

Suddenly, your segmentation is more meaningful, data becomes easier to manage and the nurture stage of your marketing campaigns can be so much more informed. The result is a delighted customer, rather than a satisfied one. And with most customers now spending a vast amount of their time in the social media ecosystem, you really do need to see them as part of your marketing team. People trust people and you can’t afford to leave people underwhelmed.


What makes Dynamics365 Single Customer View Different?

The term CRM doesn’t cover half of what Dynamics 365 can do. Microsoft defines it as end-to-end intelligent business applications in the cloud. It’s CRM and ERP working as a team to bring customer service, sales, marketing, field service, finance and operations together.  It creates one big management, implementation and feedback loop around the database, keeping your customers firmly at the centre of your business strategy.  That means that Microsoft’s Single Customer View really is the complete picture and that gives you real power to work more productively and communicate more effectively to deliver the personalised experience that customers want. Your business truly becomes insight driven.


Here are the big wins:



With task automation where a conversation isn’t required, and full sight of how a customer, or a group of customers interacts with other departments in the business, sales can focus on turning them into bookings.


Customer service

Full sight of a customer’s relationship with every department means customer service reps can do a better job of handling bookings, managing problems and maximising opportunities.



With a more joined up approach, customers get a more consistent approach across research, booking and the product or service. They get a better sense of your brand, which, in turn, means a greater likelihood to recommend or review on social sites.



Exceeding customer expectations is harder to achieve than it used to be. At one point it was enough to personalise an email. Now, it’s about connection and showing you know what makes them tick and going the extra mile to make their booking even more of an experience. It’s impossible without a Single Customer View and can only lead to positive customer reactions with insights from other departments.

As we become more aware of the importance of collecting data and how that can drive strategy, one thing to keep in mind is GDPR.  The General Data Protection Regulations come into force in May 2018 increasing the importance of how you store, manage and use customer data. Whilst it hugely tightens things up and may reduce your overall data count, it does mean that the data you have will be more meaningful. Whilst 83% of millennials are happy to have their habits tracked by travel brands in exchange for a more individual experience, your marketing team will need to work hard to ensure engagement so that they can keep their data on file.

If your organisation hasn’t thought about the implications of GDPR yet, you will find our upcoming webinar hugely helpful.


What now?

There are so many ways to talk to your customers, understanding how to reach them and where they spend their time is important.  Knowing everything you can about them enables product development and marketing strategies, but it also brings customer delight. In the social media ecosystem, the more opportunities to delight you have the better! It’s a guaranteed way to keep your brand alive in a sea of online results.

Does your Single Customer View do enough for your business? Download our free Complete Guide to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for more information or give us a call.