Recently we held a roundtable on change management and user adoption. It was met with real enthusiasm, and we received some great feedback from the attendees. In this blog, our Marketing and Partnership Development Manager Helen Murphy gives us her 9 highlights from the session.

Our Insurance roundtables have been running for over 18 months now, after being switched swiftly to virtual at the start of the pandemic, and have since stayed that way. We’ll do a few more in person soon, but in the meantime our virtual ones are punchy and allows our insurance network to share insights and learnings over a drink.

Our most recent topic “Change Management & User Adoption, Why Budget for It?” sparked a lot of thoughts and tips for all of us around the virtual table, but what engaged us the most was the amazing Janet Robb from Microsoft. She shared her own insights, tips and fantastic analogies that helped bring the topic of change management to life – diets, cats, farmers, golf….loved it.

The next most ‘ahhhhh’ piece was the presenter mode in teams allowing Janet to float in front of her slides!!

There were so many key points to take away. We loved this topic! But here are the top highlights from Janet’s session:

1 – It’s not all about the tech

Change, especially change in digital transformation, isn’t all about the tech…who knew!? The greatest ROI is about the people element of change. Adoption is key.

70% of your project is the people element of change.

2 – Success is different to everyone

Success to a call centre agent may be not having to take as many calls with the help of a virtual agent; success to a customer service lead could be automated processes; success to a sales lead could be to understand their relationships better and be given tips on next actions – point is, success is different to everyone. You must quantify this with the people who are and will be impacted.

3 – The key people to focus on during and after the change may not be who you think

Its easy to focus on the enthusiastic people in change because they’re positive and supportive – but if you think about it, you don’t need to convince them.

Or to even try to convince the person who will just never want to change.

Focus on the people in the middle. In the image below, I’d say that I’m that person looking over in the early majority curve – where are you? It varies from person to person, but it depends on the change, doesn’t it?

4 – How much more successful can change be with the right process in place?

6 times more successful if you manage change properly. That’s right – 6 times!

Another key point which stood out to me – people will forgive you if they are part of the journey. If they’ve not been part of the journey, their feelings will stay the same and may hinder the success of a project.

Don’t forget to set your KPIs.

5 – The ‘A’ in ADKAR is huge

Awareness – This piece never stops being relevant, so it can’t just be a comms plan. Janet said that people need to hear something 5-7 times to ensure it’s heard properly. I need tips on this one as I’m sure when I say something to my kids that number is doubled!

Janet also had a great diet analogy to go along with this. Noted.

6 – There’s more to adoption than comms and training

Active visible sponsors and managers are key! Janet really emphasised this point.

7 – The goal isn’t ‘go live’

The goal is months later, that’s when you can start to say if the change is having the desired effect.

8 –  There’s such a thing as change fatigue

I don’t know about you but with all the changes over the past 18 months or so, I think I’m suffering from this in a lot of areas!

This is when there’s so much change that you get that feeling of ‘here we go again’. You can manage this feeling successfully with change champions.

9 –  Double your budget

Or treble your change budget – if you don’t budget for managing change and managing it right within your transformation, you’re setting your project up to fail. If you need to, run a pilot to prove the case for managing change thoroughly and right.

BONUS: 10 – A good champions network….

We’ll hopefully discuss this one in more detail at a future roundtable or in future blogs along with lots more tips on change management, so stay tuned… But if there are specific questions about managing change within your financial services transformation project then let me know, we might just be able to organise a short video for you!

Connect with Janet for all things customer success and connect with our Insurance roundtable host and solutions specialist Iain Kennedy for more insights over the months ahead.