UK Data Centres


It’s official.

In keeping with Microsoft’s leading push for data privacy in the technology sector, it has just become the first global provider to deliver complete cloud from UK data centres. The UK is already full of businesses and organisations seeing exponential growth and efficiency through their use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Azure and Office 365, all backed up across over 100 global data centers.

Great Britain is Microsoft’s second biggest market for cloud-based software after the United States with thousands of customers of all sizes already using the Microsoft cloud. We truly are a digitally engaged nation.

So how is this a game changer, and how will it affect existing users?

What’s the issue?

For many organisations, the reluctance to fully exploit the opportunities associated with Cloud based software such as Dynamics CRM or Office 365 is largely down to data security. With Brexit in discussion, and the many discussions about data security in general, it has become even more of a pre requisite for sectors such as legal, banking, public and utility.

Local storage of data means that there is no grey area over regulatory and legal compliance, and ensures that organisations using it, are handling all data as sensitively and as securely as possible.

It means that organisations can replicate data within the UK for backup and recovery, reduced network distance and lower latency.

Who will benefit?

Every commercial Microsoft customer in the UK will benefit. If you are already a Dynamics CRM, Azure or Office 365 customer, and you would like to discuss where the data is hosted, you should contact your programme manager.

If you are just starting the conversation around any of the platforms, we can take it into account from the beginning.

The UK based cloud is available now for Office 365 suite of Cloud applications and Azure, the cloud based software infrastructure platform. Microsoft Dynamics CRM will join them in the early part of 2017.

The UK Ministry of Defence, Aston Martin, the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust will be some of Microsoft’s first customers for the UK data centres, citing cost savings and data security.

Should every organisation be using Cloud based software?

Cloud-based software facilitates sharpen working practices and productivity across all departments of an organization. Comparing it to On-Premise the big wins are mobile accessibility, no servers to maintain and lower running costs. The introduction of Microsoft’s new UK data centres removes the data security barrier that held back many on-premise organisations. For some, cloud is now a no brainer.

It’s worth knowing how cloud-based technology could take your communications, relationships, processes and profit up a gear.

Start the conversation today. We’re here to help.

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It’s starting with Azure and 365 with Dynamics following shortly in early 2017.