Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 has been here for quite a while now and we have already managed to fall in love with its fresh look, smooth processes and new features.

So what exactly do we love? Well, count with us.

The 5 big changes that transform the CRM experience:

  • The interface: The fact that the UI is much flatter and colourful makes it very easy to interact with and cheers up your tired eyes.
  • It’s mobile: We’re happy to see that you can access Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 from your iPad, Windows 8 tablet and even from your Android, iPhone and Windows phones.
  • Platform investments: Microsoft have reached into their pocket to develop a much better platform. The new platform is more intuitive and a lot easier to amend for the end users.
  • It’s social: The whole enterprise can now communicate via the ‘What’s new’ feed or use Yammer to share files, schedule events and organise themselves in groups. You can even click-to-call anyone in your database after installing Skype or Lync.
  • Better Outlook client: Microsoft have put a great deal of work into isolating the processes that are running in the background so that the Outlook client is faster and more stable.


The 5 small changes that are nice to have:

  • Real-time workflow: Now it’s easy to create synchronous (real-time) workflow without having to use any code. This is a great way for the end users to amend their processes, which reduces the system development time.
  • Autosave feature: Your system can now auto-save your work every 30 seconds. This means that if you’re working connected to an unreliable internet source, you don’t have to worry about losing your data.
  • Bing maps & client picture on the record page: These two features bring a nice touch to every record as they break the mass of text. They also serve as a quick way of reminding oneself of the particular client.
  • Quick Create: The new button for creating entities on the fly is great. You no longer have to exit your current screen to quickly add new entities such as phone calls, leads, appointments and more.
  • Recent records: And finally, what we love about Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 is having the ability to quickly jump to a recent record without having to navigate through multiple screens. How convenient!