4 min read10 Reasons To Choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM As Your On-Premise CRM

Top 10 Reasons To Choose Microsoft Dynamics as your On-Premise CRM

There are many, many reasons why On-Premise CRM may be right for your business.

Primarily, you have complete control of the management and maintenance of your database in house. If your business already has existing hardware and IT infrastructure, it can make sense to retain total control of your CRM data by keeping it on site with everything else. You can run SQL queries and reports and if you run into performance issues, you can simply add to your infrastructure. You can decide when and if you want to apply upgrades and updates. You can run old code that does not run in CRM online, run your own security, backs ups, data copies, certifications, monitoring and disaster recovery.

The question is, which On-Premise CRM is the right one for your business? Here are just ten of the reasons that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the top performing CRM products on the market.


There are seven main cost factors to consider: licensing, services, training, customisation, implementation, administration and maintenance. Users, press, industry analysts and partners alike, all rate MS Dynamics as one of the best value across all factors.

Every business is different. Every MS Dynamics implementation is different. Your solution will closely meet the communication, marketing, sales and project management needs of your business. With Microsoft Dynamics, you can quickly add new capabilities using built-in personalization tools. You can create specialized views and new windows, automate tasks specific to your business, and even build light applications. Using Web services and the Microsoft .NET Framework, you can integrate with numerous data sources and applications, even if they’re built on non-Microsoft platforms. You’ll also find custom development is easier and more cost-effective with familiar Microsoft technologies and industry standards.

Microsoft is spending more money than you can imagine continually evolving MS Dynamics to meet the needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes across the world. In a UK economy that is bound to become turbulent over coming years as Brexit is negotiated, Microsoft is well placed to make sure that Dynamics CRM is able to grow and evolve alongside the businesses it serves.

The MS Dynamics’ intuitive and familiar user interface and integration with other MS products mean that everyone in the business can get to grips with it. MS Dynamics has one of the highest adoptions rates in the category because it’s a solution that people want to use.

Partner Network
Microsoft has one of the world’s largest networks of professional services and third-party applications to complement Microsoft Dynamics CRM, making it easy to absolutely fine-tune it to your product, people and processes.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides consistent product update and feature upgrade releases, as well as deep integration with Microsoft innovations such as the recent LinkedIn acquisition.

Microsoft Office
Microsoft Dynamics CRM works seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook and is the perfect platform to leverage Office 365. Seamless integration means higher productivity.

Business Insights
The business intelligence and data visualization options available in Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you role-based dashboards and KPI’s relevant to people’s responsibilities without compromising on confidentiality.

These include sales forecasts, pipelines, targets, quotas, customer buying patterns, marketing effectiveness, promotion cut through, productivity to name just a few.

Extended CRM
Microsoft Dynamics CRM is not just about sales and marketing. The Dynamics platform is designed to be built-on where required to manage other important relationships with suppliers, contractors, partners etc.

Flexibility and Scalability
Starting out with CRM doesn’t mean taking a full system with every add-on going. It’s important to properly spec the right tools and customisations you’re your organisation’s products, people and processes. We always recommend starting with the right size for you with the confidence of knowing that MS Dynamics can grow with you. Equally, whilst On-Premise might be right for right now, you may want to look to Cloud at some point. Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to make that move whilst still maintaining all customisations and content.

It’s always worth getting a closer look at CRM systems to help you understand what they can do, and whether they are right for your business. Contact us today to begin the conversation and we’ll help you do your homework. You can also read our Step-By-Step Guide to Getting CRM Right.