For businesses looking into cloud hosted CRM, the benefits of Cloud are already clear.

Lower hardware investment, no IT resource requirement, quick set up, accessibility and security are all solid benefits. But those are only the start. With the onset of Microsoft Dynamics 365 later this year, it’s all about to step up a gear.

So, once you know you want to be Cloud-hosted, how do you decide which CRM system is right for you? Here are just ten of the many reasons to choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online over other CRM solutions.

1. Integration
With a 360-degree view of every customer, interactions across all channels couldn’t be simpler, more comprehensive or more effective. Within Dynamics CRM Online, you can manage appointments, record meetings, create emails, create video calls, create documents, share documents, export to excel when required, review social engagement, create and use marketing lists, review visual data dashboards and charts, integrate with Office 365 and access everything across PC, tablet and phone. The possibilities for productivity, communication and collaboration are astounding.

2. UK, European and US Data Centres
Microsoft has very recently become the first cloud provider to launch UK Data Centres meaning data security is less of a barrier for sectors such as legal, banking, insurance, public and utility. Because data can now be locally stored, organisations can replicate data within the UK for backup and recovery as well as maintain legal compliance. Microsoft has physical and environmental security within these data centres including Perimeter security, multi-factor authentication, locked racks and extensive video monitoring.

3. Free Mobile Apps are Included
Each CRM user licence comes with access to MS Dynamics desktop and mobile apps.

4. LinkedIn Integration
With Microsoft’s recent acquisition of LinkedIn, Dynamics CRM users will be the first to see the possible benefits of the integration for lead generation, data accessibility, automated LI processes, lead scoring, trending themes to name a few.

5. Immediate access to New Features
Microsoft has a Cloud-First release strategy with access to updates months in advance of on-premise users. There are usually two updates per year. That means no falling behind with versions and prevents a large and time-consuming update in the future.

6. Service Level Agreement
Microsoft commit to a 99.9% uptime Service Level Agreement that they financially back so you can be assured of your CRM’s availability.

7. Sophisticated Recovery Process
Data is hosted on the server but then hot copies are made to another server within the same data centre. When data is saved in the CRM Online environment, it is also synced with the same process into a second data centre in your region. The data is saved four times, and includes nightly back ups.

8. Rapid Implementation
Without any physical servers to consider, Microsoft CRM Online can be deployed with a simple online activation of the account.

9. Highly Skilled Maintenance
Microsoft Operation Centers provide 24/7 monitoring and system alerts. This is to catch issues in which self-healing has not resolved and then escalated to a Service Engineer to resolve the issue. With no on-premise servers to maintain, you require less ICT staff, equipment and capital expenditure. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is a cloud subscription service and therefore an operating expense rather than a tax attracting capital expense.

10. Flexibility
Businesses are not only able to add users and Microsoft Dynamics CRM is so flexible that you can switch between Cloud-hosted and on-premise as often as your organisation requires. The database architecture is consistent so you can move databases easily without losing your customisations, set up etc.

There is so much more to say about Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. The best way to get to grips with it and assess whether it’s the right system for your business, is to have a chat and take a look at it up close.
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