CRM implementations often fail, but you can improve your chances of success by following 10 best practices outlined by Redspire’s Billy Lyle.

Companies are often reluctant to change and as a result, fail to get the most out of their CRM strategies. This isn’t just problematic for employees and customers, but ultimately allows the ROI of the company to suffer. ROI is often an afterthought to those implementing CRM systems and creating strategies, but this school of thought needs to change for the benefit of the company, its employees and most importantly, the customers. Our Slideshare identifies 10 best practices that companies like yours ought to follow which will help you to empower employees, remove silos between departments and open up opportunities to create long lasting relationships with your customers. Each of these factors will drive ROI and overall success for your CRM strategy.

There are a number of best practices your company should be following in order to get the most out of your CRM strategy. By empowering your staff, improving communications between Sales and Marketing and relieving the burden of large projects from IT, your employees will become more engaged and start creating stronger, longer lasting relationships with your customers. By streamlining processes and automating manual tasks, you will create time and money efficiencies that can be invested in creating new opportunities to interact with and sell to your customers. Your CRM strategy is central to achieving significant ROI so following best practices is crucial to your success.

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