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What is Dynamics 365

Joined up thinking

Dynamics 365 is the culmination of Dynamics CRM and Dynamics ERP and brings everything together at a task or role specific level with the business apps you need for that purpose rather than a suite of apps.

Introducing Microsoft Dynamics 365

With better ways to interact, to automate, to report and to make decisions, silos become a past problem. Improved collaboration for customer service, sales, marketing, field service, finance and operations mean every process becomes an insight.

Dynamics 365 brings CRM into the heart of the business.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Start with what you need. Instead of buying a full system that you will phase in, Dynamics 365 business apps fit specific roles and tasks.
  • Reduced task/screen switching. It’s built on a common data model that means it’s easier to surface information across Office 365, Dynamics 365, Power BI etc.
  • Built –In Intelligence – the tools can proactively guide employees to optimal decision-making and outcomes.
  • With Appsuite and a scalable premise, your Dynamics 365 can be as small or as extensive as your business needs, at any time.
  • By combining Office, Cortana, Yammer, Dynamics and advanced analytics, it will join business processes with productivity. It’s bringing your staff’s day together in seamless ways with a level of granularity that can only mean growth.
  • Insights surface from the entire system that let you identify small glitches in a project before they damage profits or a relationship.


  1. Enterprise: Based on Dynamics CRM Online, Office 365 and Dynamics AX, the Enterprise edition suits businesses with 250+ employees and has six available modules: Operations, Field Service, Project Service, Marketing, Sales and Customer Service
  2. Business: Based on Dynamics NAV and Office 365, the Business Edition suits businesses with fewer than 250 Employees and with three available modules: financials, sales and marketing

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