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Website tracking for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Our website tracking application presents you with the information about your website visitors. With this tool, you can see what your visitors are doing on your website and which pages perform the best.
Our website analytics tool is fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM which means all information is directly stored in the same database.
The benefits of this application include:

  • See how people navigate around your site
  • See where people are coming from and how much time they spend on each page
  • Identify weak spots on your website
  • Monitor how different demographics use your website
  • Identify your strongest pages and improve the weaker ones

With our website tracking application, you can make informed decisions about your website. Based on the insights you gain from this app, you can develop a site that performs better and lets you sell more. Contact us today to learn more about website tracking for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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