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LumiVent manufacturing

A manufacturer of pumps and seals that provide specialist and custom made products to niche contractors. Their quality and designs are innovative and second to none. They currently use Microsoft Dynamics NAV. LumiVent sell across the whole of the UK with field sales in all major regions, the field sales are supported by an inside sales and marketing teams. – Their goal is to depend customer engagement with potential and existing customers in order to provide an improved buying cycle while improving the company’s ability to deliver a service that matched by the quality of their products.


  1. 12 days – Project Management – This will mean that we will keep in touch with LumiVent to ensure that what we deliver is what they need and that it is delivered on time, on budget and exactly to their requirements.
  2. 13 days – Training – Training will be required for the entire sales and marketing teams on how to manage customers and prospects in CRM. This is radically different from NAV and all 30 users require training.
  3. 8 days – Analysis – LumiVents existing NAV platform will need to be looked at and how the end-to-end process currently looks. We will then work with key members of staff to optimise processes and streamline business practices to create a solution that will improve customer engagement, buying cycles and productivity.
  4. 55 days – Development:
    1. 5 days form customisations and navigation – this allows enough time to change the default forms to capture the specific requirements that LumiVent needs to help keep their level of insight on their customers and provide enough information to improve engagement and customer service.
    2. 4 days mobile customisations so that the hand held experience is slimmed down and can easily be run through when actually in front of the customer by the field sales, they can update details on the road via tablets and give feedback to the inside sales team in real time.
    3. 3 Days migration – Migrating contact information from NAV
    4. 10 days systems integration – Integrating into NAV to allow CRM to produce orders and quotes that are then processed through to NAV to allow the manufacturing teams to begin work. Upon completion of the job the information is passed back to CRM to allow account management and customer service full visibility of order statuses and any issues that may have arose.
    5. 10 days work flow – workflows to automate the order processing and project delivery processes. Automatic communication with the customer throughout the manufacturing phases to ensure they are kept fully up to date with the progress of any projects.
    6. 10 days reports – Creating reports need on a day-to-day basis and reports required for board meeting, these include reports on sales management and customer service resource and productivity.
    7. 5 days SharePoint – SharePoint integration to allow technical and product specifications etc. to be created, collaborated on and stored against the customers record. This allows customer service and support access to all materials related to any project.
    8. 8 days Customer Service / Support – customising customer service and support to optimise the support process by allowing cases to be more quickly dealt with by giving the support team instant access to all required information to allow a speedy response. Automate replies and follow up can be created and the ability to create knowledge articles for common support requests.

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Enterprise pack

This pack is perfect for large enterprises like LumiVent because it allows enough time for exploring your business processes and customising the system accordingly.

This package includes*:

  • 17 days – Project Management
  • 10 days – Training
  • 10 days – Analysis
  • 50 days – Customisations (main and mobile)/Workflows/reporting
£65k (£750 Day Rate)

*These are typical values which may vary. This case study reflects how these values can change based on mutual agreement.

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