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CoolLemon IT/IS Consultancy

A young dynamic company that is expanding rapidly delivering excellence in the field of IT/IS implementations for customers across the world. Being able to interact with their customers is one of their main value adds and a differentiator in their field. As they are a young company they have outgrown their start up CRM system and (as with many IT companies) have not prioritised their own needs. They have realised that they are spending more time and more and more money jerry rigging their small CRM system rather than moving onto something that can aid their growth rather than hinder it.


  1. 8 days – Project Management – This will mean that we will keep in touch with CoolLemon to ensure that what we deliver is what they need and that it is delivered on time, on budget and exactly to their requirements.
  2. 8 days – Training – As there is some fairly complex integration through to Sharepoint and quite a lot of its functionality there will be some specific training designed specifically to address this as well as social media integration and the standard CRM training. We have extra days allocated as we find adoption in techy companies can be lower due to a “know it all already attitude” and as a system is only as good as the users using it we pay extra attention to this. For the new social functionality that has been made available in CRM 2015 and show how they can use it to interact with their clients as well as internally.
  3. 8 days – Analysis – As CoolLemon have an existing CRM system (that has had some “jerry rigging”) extra time would be allocated to make sure that all of the data that has been captured would be correctly mapped through to Dynamics CRM and that it would be structured in such a way that it was easily expandable. Their sales process is fairly complex and their sales cycle is relatively long as their IT projects tend to be large budgets and so take a long time to sign off by prospective clients.
  4. 26 days – Development:
    1. 5 days form customisations and navigation – this allows enough time to change the default forms to capture the specific requirements that CooLemon needs to help keep their level of insight on their customers optimised. The menu changes allows them to tailor some of the navigation through CRM, optimising the experience and number of clicks to get to the most used features and allowing easy accessibility to the new features.
    2. 4 days mobile customisations so that the hand held and tablet experiences are optimised to highlight the most frequently used areas and can easily be navigated when on a customers site
    3. 5 Days migration – we have allocated some extra time than we would usually have done for this size of project as CoolLemon have a lot of data that needs cleaned and complex mapping from their old CRM system
    4. 4 days systems integration – CoolLemon use Microsoft Project to plan the IT/IS consultancy projects so to have this integrate into their CRM system is essential. As Dynamics CRM is part of the Microsoft “stack” it integrates with almost all of Microsoft’s technology on some level. This means that to ensure that we meet CoolLemons needs we would integrate through to Microsoft Project Server which would allow the uploading of all the past project documents and easy generation and sharing of these going forward.
    5. 1 Day to integrate our bespoke/custom survey/questionnaire module that will be used to check with customers that CoolLemon is continuing to achieve high levels of satisfaction from the projects that they deliver
    6. 2 days on workflows – To save time in manually logging support requests and making sure that customers are responded to in a timely fashion one workflow that we would create would be a support workflow. This would mean emails into support@CoolLemon.com automatically create cases and are assigned to the support team to investigate. Another workflow that we would create is to automate the process of prompting customers to fill in surveys. Once a project or support case is completed a workflow will fire to send out a survey to the customer to rate the service CoolLemon provided
    7. 3 day on reports/dashboards/views – For CoolLemon its important to be to see their sales pipeline and resource usage at the touch of a button so we would focus on getting reports for these areas completely nailed down. For further report building they have said that they have internal resource that will be able to work on other areas of reporting over time, so we built into the training scheduled some time to make sure that the nominated person would know all that the needed to get started.
    8. 3 days to tightly integrate into Sharepoint and to implement a lot of the collaboration functionality that Microsoft have now made available. This will mean that it is easier than ever for the international users to stay in contact with each other and with head office.

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Business pack

Every business like CoolLemon IT/IS Consultancy would benefit from our Business pack because it’s specially designed for any medium-size business like them.

This package includes*:

  • 8 days – Project Management
  • 6 days – Training
  • 6 days – Analysis
  • 30 days – Customisations (main and mobile)/Workflows/reporting
£40k (£800 Day Rate)

*These are typical values which may vary. This case study reflects how these values can change based on mutual agreement.

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