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Barrowman Tailors

Barrowman Tailors are traditional tailors where customer service is highly valued and the personal service that customers always receive is the reason that they come back again every year.

The system needs to give a personalised service where the customers feel looked after and valued, more like visiting a friend rather than just making a purchase. Having their previous purchase history, their preferences recorded and their measurements to hand will greatly help to achieve this.

  1. 2 days – Project Management – This will mean that we will keep in touch with Barrowmans to ensure that what we deliver is what they need and that it is delivered on time, on budget and exactly to their requirements.
  2. 2 days – Analysis – Barrowmans has a straightforward sales process and a short sales cycle so the analysis phase would be focused on gathering the requirements of the data that needs to be captured when engaging with their customers
  3. 3 days – Training – As this is the first use of CRM within the business, a full training package would be required. This would also include training non-desk based staff in the use of hand-held devices (i.e. phones or tablets).
  4. 10 days – Development:
    1. 2 days form customisations – As Barrowmans require to capture specific data critical to their industry (such as customer measurements, suit colour preferences and shirt cut preferences, as well as a whole wealth of other specific info), we estimate that it would take 2 days to customise the standard forms to allow intuitive data entry and reviewing options.
    2. 2 days mobile customisation so that the hand held experience is slimmed down to allow a better customer interacion.
    3. 1 Days migration – currently Barrowmans keep all of their data in spreadsheets that were laboriously filled in when they moved from filing cabinets. These can be easily mapped through to CRM and migrated into the new system.
    4. 2 days systems integration – At present the business use Sage to manage their accounts. We would look to integrate this into Microsoft Dynamics CRM to reduce data input and increase resource.
    5. 2 days on workflows – Currently Barrowmans doesn’t proactively contact their customers but it is something that they would like to do. We will create some workflows that will allow them to reach out to their customers to either just keep in touch or to encourage further sales. Some examples would be:
      1. A week before the customers birthday, email out wishing them a happy birthday and letting them know that to help celebrate in style that Barrowmans is offering them a discount on their new range of suits.
      2. A period of non-activity (for example, one year since the customer made their last purchase) has been set to alert the sales personnel of this fact and lets them know that they should remind the customer of the ranges they carry and the services that they can perform.
  5. 1 day on reports/dashboards/views – For Barrowmans, its important to be able to identify their most loyal customers, mainly so that when it comes to sales or offers, these customers can be informed first. A view will be created that highlights all of these customers so that Barrowmans can easily use that view to create a marketing list and email out to all of their most loyal customers.

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Starter Pack

Any business like Barrowman Tailors will benefit from our Starter pack because it’s perfectly tailored for a small business like them.

This package includes*:

  • 2 days – Project Management
  • 2 days – Training
  • 2 days – Analysis
  • 11 days – Customisations (main and mobile)/Workflows/reporting
£15k (£900 day rate)

*These are typical values which may vary. This case study reflects how these values can change based on mutual agreement.

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