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Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Familiar interface: An easy way to start.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is our customer’s favourite CRM especially because of how easy it navigates. If you’re already used to other Microsoft applications (such as Microsoft Outlook or Internet Explorer), Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the most straightforward option to choose. This means quicker user adoption and faster results.

Familiar interface Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Integration with other Microsoft products: Create your own world.

It’s one of Microsoft’s priorities to make as many of their products integrate easily as possible. For example, it’s easier to integrate Microsoft SharePoint, Outlook, ERP and other Microsoft platforms with Microsoft Dynamics CRM than with any competing CRM solution. This means your company’s data can rest in one central database and you can work faster and smarter.
Integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM with other Microsoft Dynamics products makes up so-called xCRM, or Everything Relationship Management. This means you can manage & automate your relationship with customers, suppliers, media etc. from the same platform. Last but not least, Microsoft Dynamics CRM also directly integrates with your Microsoft Office package (Excel, Word, etc.) which means smoother user experience for you.

CRM system integration


Did you know that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is used by almost 4.5 million people in over 40,000 companies?

All-round customer database: Your time to shine.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s advantage is that despite being a single customer database, it’s accessible to all three customer-facing functions: Sales, Marketing and Service. This means that you save time on transferring and managing data. And perhaps more importantly, it helps your company communication to be consistent throughout the whole customer lifecycle. No more incorrect information or forgotten phone calls. Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you show how much you care about every individual customer – time and time again.

All round customer database

Flexible platform: Make it mirror your business model.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is written in .Net which means it’s very flexible and can be customised to replicate your unique business processes. Every Microsoft Dynamics CRM account receives 300 custom entities that can be programmed to replicate your business process step by step. This is the way we make sure your unique business model is fully captured in the CRM workflow.

At Redspire, we chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM because we believe that every step of your customer interaction must be reflected in your CRM – to maximise the value you’re getting from the system. Think of all the information you can capture every time your customer interacts with you and how it can help you to make them the perfect offer!

Flexible CRM platform Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Did you know that Microsoft Dynamics CRM has over 300 custom entities companies can use to perfectly reflect their business processes?

Countless CRM partners & apps: Find your perfect fit!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is loved by users and partners alike. That’s why there are over 4.000 partners with thousands of applications available for everyone who is looking for the perfect fit. However, as large and international as the selection is, we recommend everyone to consider a partner’s location before deciding to sign the contract. From our experience, being able to come on client’s site to deal with any problems is priceless for solving problems quickly and saving lots of money in the process.

CRM partners and apps

The power of Microsoft: Behind you all the way.

Microsoft spends billions of dollars every year on developing their productivity solutions. With such commitment from Microsoft, CRM customers can be confident that the platform will keep evolving and they will be supported.

Indeed, Microsoft Dynamics CRM plays first league in prestigious reviews like Gartner’s Magic Quadrant and Forrester. The latest results show that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a leader in Sales Force Automation, Customer Engagement Centre and Customer Service. Source: Microsoft

Power of Microsoft


Did you know that Microsoft has so far invested more than $15 billion in making their cloud safe and efficient?

Scalable: No matter your size, CRM will follow.

Whether you have 5 or 10.000 users, it’s all good because Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed with scalability in mind. And that doesn’t only involve the number of users – naturally, bigger companies have more departments and often more complex business processes. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be customised to accommodate these differences – leaving the choice to expand entirely up to you.

Scalable CRM system Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Data security: Protect your customers & yourself.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the only CRM to meet the EU strict privacy criteria in all member countries. This means no matter where in the EU you do business – your data is safe.

As far as preventing your own users from seeing sensitive information, you can limit their permissions and decide what information they can access. This gives you flexibility and power over your customer data privacy. Even better, it allows you to store sensitive and accessible data within one system – saving you time and money.

CRM data security

Flexible deployment & licencing: The choice is yours.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is extremely flexible in letting you choose the type of deployment & licencing you prefer. You can choose between on-premise, in-cloud and hybrid solutions; and allow your users to access the system however they prefer. Let’s say you have a hybrid solution: there might be users who only need access to the on-premise part but there might also be people who need to access the whole CRM. This is all up to you mixing & matching your preferences.

Flexible CRM deployment and pricing


Did you know that Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers reduced licence prices for non-profits? Drop us a line to find out more!

Always available: On demand no matter where you are.

Similarly to flexible deployment, Microsoft Dynamics CRM accessibility is also excellent. You can access your CRM virtually anywhere: online, offline and also on your mobile device. And the best part about this is that it’s completely free of charge. This is something that especially Sales and Customer Service departments appreciate: being able to access information on the train or on client’s site is invaluable when you want to make a good impression and not worry about setting up technology.

Always accessible CRM

Proven success & large community: Support always at hand.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is trusted by 40.000 customers in 82 countries. These numbers are great proof that this CRM system is reliable and effective. However, it comes with one more advantage for all future users. Generally, the more users an application has worldwide, the stronger the online user community gets. The same goes for Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Microsoft Dynamics Community is a thriving online platform for all Microsoft Dynamics users that want to find answers online.

Proven success and world-wide community


Did you know that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designated as a Leader in the Sales Force Automation industry in the 2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation report?

Available in 41 languages: No English? No problem!

If you only do business in the UK, this one might not seem so exciting. But just think of the possibilities that are open to you if you decide to expand abroad. No need to spend extra resources on teaching English to all your foreign colleagues – they can start using CRM without any such training. And since any system is more intuitive in one’s own language, they’ll also make fewer mistakes!

41 languages

Affordable: Get all this at a great price.

We love Microsoft Dynamics CRM because it’s a very powerful CRM. But it has to be said that it’s very affordable too. Because of its flexible licencing and straightforward pricing model, they value for money is staggering. So much so that companies that choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM can benefit from savings of 13% over Oracle and 48% over Salesforce.com. Why not check out our CRM pricing right now?

Affordable CRM


Did you know that Microsoft Dynamics CRM licences start at £9.40/user/month?

Why Redspire

If you’re looking for a Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner that understands CRM but also takes the time to understand your business – choose us. Our customers like us because we are:

  • Local: We’re based in Glasgow, UK which means we are not far away and can be on your site when needed.
  • Focused on business solutions: So your business gets tangible business results and not just a functional CRM system.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM specialists: We are completely focused on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and all our employees are Microsoft certified.
  • The only Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner in the UK to guarantee business outcomes.


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I spoke to several potential partners about the options available, but only Respire really listened to us and understood our requirements. Redspire consequently proposed a solution that met our needs and our budgets which enabled us to proceed. Their flexible approach means we have been able to implement MS Dynamics 2013 and take advantage of its many new features whereas the alternatives would have been prohibitive.

- Paula Cornelius, Business Development Coordinator, British Pipeline Agency

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