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Microsoft Dynamics 365: So much more than CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud based, end-to-end suite of intelligent business applications.

Where CRM and ERP used to be two separate systems complete with silos and information gaps, Dynamics 365 brings them together and gives companies control and insight across the whole business. Customer service, sales, marketing, field service, finance and operations all revolve around one customer database with productivity tools, intelligence and scope to give every business the chance to truly transform for the digital age.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365

It’s predecessor Dynamics CRM was used by more than 4m users worldwide and following its launch late last year, Dynamics365 is already highly praised.

  • Your sales, marketing and customer service functions are supported from within one system. Customer expectations are surpassed with insight, consistency and tools such as self service portals.
  • Role based licensing, deep integration with the ever popular Office 365, customization and scalability to grow as your business does makes user adoption simple, and results visible.
  • Actionable insights are easily surfaced in every app and with a level of interaction that takes the work out of fact gathering, monitoring and decision making across the whole business.

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How Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps you in your job

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows your sales teams to focus on what they do best… sell!

What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Sales

Benefits of Dynamics 365 for Sales:

The Sales app has the same core functionality as Dynamics CRM Online but with the massive benefit of being able to see what’s going on elsewhere in the business that will help the Sales users to spot opportunities.

  • Access up to date information relevant to your pipeline from the office or on the road
  • Easily manage leads from within Microsoft Outlook, your web browser or your mobile device
  • Create at-a-glance reports and dashboards to help you prioritise your work
  • Improve collaboration between employees by working from one database
  • Accurately monitor progress towards your goals and take immediate action where required

Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows your marketing team to reap the benefits of CRM, including the tools to plan, implement and measure marketing activity

What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Marketing

Benefits of Dynamics 365 for Marketing:

The Dynamics 365 for Marketing App hasn’t launched yet but we’re excited about the announcement that Adobe integration will be at its core, delivering all the power of the Adobe marketing suite from within your CRM. We believe it will include everything you’d expect and need to drive initial target audience awareness, to nurture and convert your prospects and of course, to ensure customer engagement and retention.

In the meantime, the Dynamics 365 for Sales App integrates nicely with Power Mail Chimp for email, or Click Dimensions for marketing automation, both tools that we have always recommended.

  • Identify your more profitable customers and sectors by easily importing and analysing your database
  • Measure and track the success each and every piece of marketing activity
  • Attract more leads to your business by optimising activity towards the best performing campaigns
  • Nurture leads until they are sale ready through drip feed and email marketing campaigns
  • Convert and prioritise opportunities based on their engagement and likelihood to buy
  • Report on any dimension of your activity at the touch of a button

Microsoft Dynamics 365 centralises your reports, opportunity status and sales and marketing funnels in one dashboard

What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Management

Benefits of Dynamics 365 for Management:

  • Visualise your team’s progress towards goals
  • Celebrate success and share best practice across your people
  • Isolate areas that require attention and address quickly
  • Benchmark historical activity and accurately forecast performance
  • Improve decision making based on hard data

Microsoft Dynamics 365 turns your Customer Service into a cost-efficient brand-building activity

What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM for customer service

Benefits of

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service:

  • Improve your performance by harvesting best practices and improving team collaboration
  • Prioritise by automating tasks and focusing on high-value activities
  • Schedule your team’s activities for seamless performance
  • Support your customers via channels of their choice
  • Increase your profitability by assessing opportunities for up- and cross-sell
  • Users can raise cases but see what else is happening e.g. outstanding invoices, pending complaints or enquiries, recent feedback etc. and be guided through the best next action.
  • The unified platform makes customer information available across all relevant roles and departments with one single customer view. It can be accessed anywhere via Outlook with full read across all Dynamics 365 Applications.
  • At an edit level, processes include Enterprise Case Management, Unified Service Desk, Customer Service Agents Queues and Scripts, Customer Service SLAs and Entitlements, Contracts and Contract Templates, Facilities and Equipment, Services, Resources and Work Hours.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 simplifies your work while being fully and easily customisable

What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM for IT

Benefits of

Dynamics 365 for IT:

  • Spreads IT budget further and more effectively with role based and team member licensing.
  • Combines CRM and ERP into one system with AI informed superior insight, better collaboration and high user adoption rates.
  • Choose between cloud and on-premise and switch between them anytime
  • Save up-front investment with cloud; enjoy maximum control with on-premise
  • Adjust settings and security permissions with a few clicks without downtime
  • Take comfort in 99.9% uptime Service Level Agreement financially backed by Microsoft
  • Never outgrow your CRM – scale and customise your system as your needs change


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