CRM Plus

Agile CRM implementation at a fixed monthly cost – No Risk!

We are the only company in the UK that offers this implementation model and we are so confident in our ability to exceed your expectations that we are willing to absorb the risk of implementation. See below to find out what this product offers

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The benefits of Compact CRM

Simple Pricing

Fixed, manageable monthly costs, know exactly what you will be paying.

Custom Build

We can guarantee that you will get the system that is right for your business as we offer unlimited customisations.


Our model provides businesses with the scope to implement CRM on a department by department basis.

Fast Implementation

Our agile approach means that we will have your system up and running in a matter of weeks as opposed to months.

Unlimited Support

We provide unlimited support so you needn’t worry about teething problems or unforeseen issues.

Our Commitment

We are totally committed to working with you to get the best possible results as the success of our company is based on the success of your company.

Increase the productivity of your existing team in the following areas:

Reporting is a massive drain on sales executives time, our product makes reporting instantaneous.
CRM can be accessed anywhere i.e. on the go via mobiles and tablets. This allows sales people to provide a consistent service to the customer and stay productive wherever they are.
It enables sales people to work collaboratively with other business units.
It allows sales people to easily set tasks and reminders to allow them to manage their time in the most cost effective way.
It provides the ability to track correspondence more effectively to ensure that all customers feel like the number one priority.
Quotes can be produced quicker to ensure that sales progress as quickly as possible and sales people can focus their time on making money for your company.
Produce more accurate forecasts.
It allows sales people to manage their pipeline more effectively.

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Case Study

Bibby Scientific

Bibby Scientific, a worldwide distributor of scientific equipment, dramatically widened its customer base by moving into direct selling. To meet this challenge, the team implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Redspire.

Watch our video now to discover more on how Bibby Scientific drove sales with the right CRM


Rachael Marking, Creditsafe UK

"Redspire have been on hand every step of the way. Their training sessions gave us no end of insight into not only how to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to enhance our business, but also how to adjust the current process to ensure further success."
- Rachael Marking, Creditsafe UK

Robert Skehens, Bibby Scientific

"There was no way we could link a lead to an actual sale, now we can through the work of Redspire and our CRM."
- Robert Skehens, Marketing Director, Bibby Scientific

"It wasn’t purely dialogue about system functionality. It really was about how we can realise our corporate objectives in the short and long term."
- Craig Baxter, Head of Customer Relationships and Planning, Golden Charter

Redspire provides innovative digital transformation, CRM & customer engagement solutions and services to enable new ways to work better.
We combine a commercial customer centricity approach and design thinking consultancy with the technical capability of systems integrators.

Our leading clients span a diverse range of industries, trust our capabilities to deliver, create impact and power customer engagement through secure, personal CRM workspaces that provide people with instant access to essential data and communications on any device, anywhere mobile access.

Harnessing our experience delivered through the expertise of our people and our strong partnership with Microsoft, we believe this makes us your delivery partner for change.