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World of CRM: What you might have missed


A recap of highlights of blogs by our CRM experts over the previous quarter.

In this blog post we would like to introduce you to our new digital magazine ‘The World of CRM’. Brought to you by Microsoft Dynamics experts Redspire, this new magazine brings you some of the most popular content that has featured on Redspire’s blog over the past three months. From discovery to education all the way through to implementation this magazine gives you insights into the continually evolving landscape of CRM – all packaged together into one easily digestible format.

We at Redspire pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the CRM solutions that your business needs. We are driven around the key attributes of flexibility, agility and customer focus – attributes that, along with technical expertise, combine to deliver you a tailored CRM system that will meet your immediate and future business needs.

At the heart of our business we are driven by relationships and seek to build relationships with you that last years, not months, relationships that help your business succeed and grow.

We hope you enjoy reading ‘The World of CRM’, our new digital magazine.

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Billy Lyle

Billy Lyle

Managing Director at Redspire
Billy has more than 15 years' experience in deploying business solutions and he makes a point of attending every customer kick-off meeting. Day-to-day he directs all commercial and technical development work at Redspire.
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