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Microsoft Dynamics ‘to focus on convergence’

The Microsoft Dynamics senior director has emphasised the company’s desire to develop its CRM solutions as it attempts to become a market leader and compete with the various other offerings available to businesses.

Speaking to Venture Beat, Bill Patterson explained that convergence is the key feature within the updates Microsoft is currently making to its software.

“The underlying pattern is that organisations need to work together in a much more engaging way … no one owns the customer and everyone needs to get better.”

Mr Patterson was speaking at the Convergence 2014 conference in Atlanta, Georgia, where Microsoft further outlined its plans for CRM.

Its changes promise greater functionality, better integration and lower costs, with a new system that will link up with the Microsoft package’s other offerings in terms of business intelligence and project management.

A tech lead for Dynamics told Venture Beat that a key element of CRM is making data visible across an organisation, rather than leaving it to certain departments, potentially driving up innovation and collaboration.

“This year we’ll also deliver embedded insights, so whether a salesperson is researching a competitor or customer or lead, they can get a rich profile with the latest corporate news, key executives, organisational structure, and more,” the anonymous expert added.

Unifying almost everything a business needs in one piece of software is the Holy Grail of automation and Microsoft recognises that it has a long way to go before it can deliver every piece of functionality it is currently gunning for.

However, Mr Patterson expressed his optimism that the tech giant can go on to overtake rivals within the CRM marketplace.

For one thing, Microsoft’s offering continues to be the most cost-efficient available to enterprises across all industries, he concluded.

The launch of these new capabilities is set to begin in the second quarter of 2014 at some point, with a better-implemented social system the most eye-catching proposal from Microsoft.

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