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Gartner – CRM revenues to rise in US

The latest forecast for the coming year from respected tech market analyst Gartner has suggested the US demand for customer relations management (CRM) is likely to rise, with cloud revenues expected to play a big part in this booming level of demand.

Organisations across the country are keen to improve customer experience and feel that CRM is the best way of doing this, according to the report.

Joanne Correia, research vice president, said the process will be “at the heart of digital initiatives in coming years”, a prediction that will ring true for many British firms as well as their American counterparts.

As with the big data trend recorded over the last few years, it is possible that US companies are proving to be early adapters of new technology, partly because of the sheer scale of their market compared to that seen in the UK.

“Unsurprisingly, high-tech, banking, insurance, securities, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, IT manufacturing and IT services vertical industries will continue to be the largest spenders on CRM as they have the widest use of different types of CRM applications and technologies,” said Gartner vice-president Ed Thomson.

Gartner concluded that the Internet of Things – the process whereby ordinary appliances such as kettles and ovens will be connected to the web – is likely to prove a major driver for CRM, as utilising these kind of devices will offer a wealth of opportunities for data analysis.

This could be reflected in the UK as well as the larger market in the US, with experts predicting that localised and microtargeting could be on the up over the course of 2014.

Ashley Friedlein, chief executive of Econsultancy, recently told Marketing Week he expects to see more firms make use of the vast amount of data available to them in order to connect with consumers.

Technology such as CRM is making it easier to follow the consumer journey from start to finish, he indicated.

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Paul McLaughlin

Paul McLaughlin

CRM Specialist at Redspire
Paul comes to Redspire with over 15 years of business development experience in various fields; most recently in business intelligence, CRM and Outsourced Technology Projects. Paul is tasked with ensuring all aspects of the client’s relationship with Redspire are developed and nurtured. He is in charge of deploying the right resource, consulting with key stakeholders and ensuring customer experience is of the highest quality.
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